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The Democratic Candidate Joe Biden only needs 6 major voters to be elected

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The American people are awaiting final results for confirmation from their president for the next 4 years.

Joe Biden, during the counts of Wednesday November 05, 2020 only cumulates the most important of the voters including the crucial states of Wisconsin and Michigan, puts him in an extremely comfortable situation. The fate of the ballot is now in the hands of two other major key states: Pennsylvania and Nevada.

Joe Biden has won until the last hours (3:30) only 264 voters against 214 for Donald Trump. According to the latest forecasts if he manages to win Nevada, he will reach the number of 270 voters to be definitively elected the 46th President of the United States. In addition, Donald Trump for his part is making maneuvers by announcing that he has taken legal action to suspend the counting of several key states. However, he risks winning Pennsylvania.

It should be noted that the counts are not making great strides due to the health circumstances facing the United States, which brought back more than 100 million postal voters.

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